John Jay Well-Represented at ASPA 2015


The MPA program was excited to have a large contingent attend the American Society for Public Administration annual meeting March 5-10 in Chicago. 3 students and 9 faculty presented research, 4 faculty members served as discussants on panels, and every attendee received a copy of “Public Administration Evolving” edited by Dr. Marilyn Rubin, Director of the MPA-PPA program. In addition the MPA Student Association sponsored 25 students, who applied and were selected to attend the conference using differential tuition funding. A full list of John Jay attendees, some pictures from the conference, and a list of the projects presented by John Jay faculty and students can be seen by clicking on “Read More”.


MPASA President Natalie Wenzler, Secretary Shanelle Rodrigues and Member Elizabeth Oguntoye enjoy a reception hosted by the University of Chicago and ASPA at the AON Center.

Faculty Presentations:
Denise Thompson- Governance and Management of Disaster Relief Systems among CARICOM Members

Nicole Rishel Elias- Rethinking #myNYPD: Social Media Strategy for Engaging Citizens

Marilyn Rubin – Women in Leadership Roles in the Public Sector in China

Jeanne-Marie Col – Public Administration and Poverty Alleviation: It’s Role in Combating Corruption and Dealing with Emergencies that Hit the Very Poor and Marginalized Hardest

Maria D’Agostino – Diversity Research in Public Administration: Past, Present and Future

Elaine Yi Lu – Local Governments’ Fiscal Health: To What Extent Is It at the Mercy of the Stress in the Fiscal Environment?

Elaine Yi Lu – The Impacts of Perception of Performance and Accountability of Metropolitan Police on the Exercising of Stop and Frisk Discretion: The Comparison between New York City and Taipei City

Peter Mameli – Efficiency, Effectiveness and Ebola: The Struggle to Respond to the International Public Health Emergency of 2014

Roddrick Colvin – Community Policing and the Shared Perceptions of Patrol Officers: Is the Beat Any Better?


John Jay faculty and students at the Welcome Reception.

Faculty/Student Presentations
Dr. Chelsea Binns and Muhammad Rehman – Nonprofit Employee Fraud Prevention and Detection: Who’s Using Fraud Hotlines?

Dr. Nicole Elias and Peter Federman – Representation of LGBT Employees in Federal Security Agencies


MPASA Vice-President Crystal Charles and John Jay student Muhammad Rehman enjoy the weather in Chicago between panels.

Student Presentations
Crystal Charles – Transparency’s Role in the Ethics of Democratic Governance

Peter Federman –Public Service in the Twenty-First Century: A Renewed Push for Equality and Justice

Panel Discussants
Marilyn Rubin – Social Equity and Government Performance in Urban China

Nicole Rishel Elias – Cultural Competence and Representation in Public Organizations

Elaine Yi Lu – Citizen, Trust and Local Governance: The Experience in Taiwan and Urban China

Jeanne-Marie Col – Equitable Development, Innovation, Openness and Decentralization in Government


A view down the Chicago River, just outside the conference hotel.

MPASA Sponsored Attendees

Shanelle Rodrigues
Daniel Costa
Rafael Santana
Raul Santana
Kahliah Wright
Yvette Pabon
Sadia Robinson
Elizabeth Oguntoye
Dulce Tapia
Julia Von Ferber
Natalie Wenzler

If you want to attended ASPA in the future or are interested in getting involved with the MPA Student’s Association, please email MPASA President Natalie Wenzer at